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Thread: Shoebox and the Guppy2 4500 PSI Air Tank, a match made in Heaven! Reader Discount too

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    Shoebox and the Guppy2 4500 PSI Air Tank, a match made in Heaven! Reader Discount too

    The Shoebox has got to be one of the most revolutionary additions to Paintball and Airguns since 4500 PSI came along. Now, there is a very affordable tank that truly compliments the Shoebox. It is called the Guppy2. It comes with LARGE Stainless Steel easy-to-read 2" Glycerin-Filled Gauge with BAR & PSI Scale (so no guessing about the PSI you are putting in your tank), Bleeder, MicroBore Hose with strain relief on each end to help prevent kinking, and Stainless Steel Female Quick Disconnect. This is everything you need to fill your airgun's male quick disconnect.

    It's small enough that it doesn't take long to fill (I'll update that information as soon as I find out the time to fill the Guppy from 3000 to 4500PSI), and its large enough to complety re-fill your Marauder from 2000 to 3000 PSI about 11 times. If you have an FX Rifle with 180 CC Air Tube, you would get about 13 refills with this tiny tank. After that, you'll still get partial fills.

    They weigh Only 3.3 Lbs & Measure under 11.5" long by 4.5" diameter (sans valve). These are ideal for those that want to backpack a tank when hunting or if you own a Shoebox compressor and want to bring your air supply outside in the back yard.

    You won't need ANYTHING extra to fill the Guppy2 or my larger Great White from the Shoebox, as they come with everything you need.

    Now, here's more good news. If you are a reader, I am offering a free $49 upgrade at no extra charge on either the Great White2 or the Guppy. Just say you are forum reader, and you will get a a second gauge on your airtanks that constantly reads the pressure inside either the Guppy or Great White. The Guppy or Great White come complete with everything you need to fill your Maruader, Discovery, etc. from the Shoebox, with no extras needed. The Guppy is only $389 + $24 ship while my 88 Cu Ft Great White is $689 + $29 to ship.

    Here is the link to my website, with all my products:

    If you have any questions, the best method is to email me Joe At HamContact dot com, and I'll respond within a couple of hours, or call me after 5PM until 9PM Pacific at 714-612-5956.

    Here is a couple of pictures showing the size of the Guppy next to my 88 Cu Ft tank called the Great White, and another showing it tethered to the Shoebox.

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    do you sell anything between the 97 cu ft and the 18 cu ft.
    say 45 cu ft or 50 cu ft?

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    I ordered my Guppy, with the "2A" option and a Freedom 8 Compressor both from Joe. It was Shipped promptly from California (Tank and accessories) and Arizona (Shoebox Freedom 8); Ordered by phone on a Thursday, received it on the following Friday. A perfect transaction.

    I think there is the Mako-2 which is about 71 Cubic Feet; the Guppy fills my M-Rod about 10 times in it's current state of tune (22 shots/Fill@3100 to 2000PSI).

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