I recently bought my Freedom 10. Like early May 2019. I did so after watching many videos on various brands and a lot of other research on high pressure compressors. My original unit was an Air Venturi booster. They don't sell that any more and I could tell you why if you PM me. So I have a log book on the use of the Freedom 10. 2.78 hours of filling and topping 50 cu.in. bottles. Well I filled last night and went to top off this morning to go to airsoft today. One bottle down, one to go when the pressure can't make it to point where the ticking starts because the vent goes off at the hole by the vent valve. Does anyone have an idea why? Is there a fix that I can perform at home. I love how little air this machine requires and how quiet it is. The start has been very promising and I am sure that there is a simple solution. I really want to get to an airsoft event father's day with my son. It would be that much better with our HPA. Thank you, docB