View Full Version : So lucky!

03-31-2011, 02:38 AM
Got a ups slip today, wasn't expecting anything for a week or two so i was totally bummed i wasn't home... no more than five minutes later i leave to hit the store just around the block....UPS!! unreal i know! followed her to the next stop, wam bam thank you mam a 30lb box of gotta get my ars back home and set it up! anyways cool story aside after i snaked my remote line hose and popped it on i was off! i just wana say thanks so much for making this compressor i've been waiting since the old posts of rumor and totally love it. first fill only took about two and a half hours to get my 68 up to 3k my shop compressor only kicked on about every half hour for prob less than a minute which totally rocks cause ive got a studio apartment above my garage lol. i do have the 4500 model but my remote line is only 3k so i figured i better play it safe i checked on the psi every 15 min to make sure things were in order. anyways i totally wasted a case of paint on the tree in back lol but well worth it i didnt have to drive 60 miles to get air!! thanks this thing rocks.

p.s. get the extra packaging people they beat the crap out of the outer box when i got mine.