View Full Version : Freedom 8 ?

David K
08-29-2016, 08:41 PM
I have recently bought a shoebox and I have used it several times to fill my synrod with zero issues. Today I am filling a 60 min SCBA tank from 0 to 4500. I have noticed a few minor issues. The 1st is that the fitting nearest to the SCBA tank has a small leak that I found by putting soapy water at the thread, it is very smal but I do not know if i should stop the fill and repair it or just keep going and fix later. I have been pumping for 6 hours and I have relubed the piston once since I started. Will that be enough I have a laser temp gauge and it is steady below 95 so far?

David K
08-30-2016, 02:19 AM
I was also interested in the type of teflon tape used in the fittings to maintain pressure? Blue or Red? How many wraps around the thread? Any tricks or tips I should use?