View Full Version : SCBA tanks / manifolds thread sizes?

Case Stuffer
07-11-2015, 12:16 PM
What I have read is that most all Fire Dept. use manifolds with CGA347 threads . Some PCP airguns and paint ball manifolds have DIN 300 threads. There seems to be two different thread lengths of DIN 300 connectors ,one 5 turn and a 7 turn. I have also read that there are different seals used between the tank neck and the hardware , manifold.

Do all SCBA carbon fiber 4,500 PSI rated tanks use 7/8" -14 threads? Correct me if I am wrong but I believe that is the thread size I read.
<EDIT for clarification> 7/8- 14 thread size I inquired about would be for the tank neck where the manifold screws into the tank.

Any simple fairly inexpensive means to outfit a used SCBA tank with a pressure gauge , cut off and 1/8" male foster ? My usage would be as a bulk storage for toping off my 17 Cu.Ft. CF tank.

Case Stuffer
07-15-2015, 11:44 PM
I believe I have it figured out. I ordered a pulled from Fire Dept. service (due to age) Scott 60 min. / 87 Cu Ft SCBA off of E BAy and a Sports Filling Unit from Airhog with CGA347 threads. Will do a follow up post after items arrive and I get it aired up with Shoebox Max. .

Case Stuffer
08-03-2015, 11:01 AM
Received the Scott SCBA 60 min / 87 cf tank on 7-21-15 ,installed Air Hog fill unit and started the fill. I did the fill in three runs to avoid running SB Max when it was over 90F in my shop. the cooler the air stays the drier it stays ...................

Starting at zero PSI

2 hrs. - 600 PSI
3hr.-900 PSI
Let set overnight

4 hr. - 1200 PSI
5 hr. 1500 PSI
Checked each hr. of run time and rate remained 300 PSI per hour into the 87 cu. ft. tank
At end of 12 hr. which was a 9 hr. non stop run
3600 PSI

Let set till next morning .

Third and final run was 3 hrs..

Total 15 hrs. 4500 PSI .

This fill rate is much faster than what is listed for the Max. in fact it is 50% better, 6 f per hr. versus the 4 cf per hr listed..