View Full Version : Guppy 17 Cu.Ft. CF 4.5K PSI Air control knob question.

Case Stuffer
07-10-2015, 01:55 PM
Not a big deal and I am seeking advice / info not complaining

First off I checked the tightness of all fitting on Guppy and SB prior to airing it up. Filled to 4.4K aired my Discovery and next morning , ten hours later Guppy was down to 3K. Used soapy water to check for leaks and found very small leak from male Foster . I had tightened the hand valve to what I thought was tight enough but was only able to stop the leak by really cranking down on the valves handle. Now I am seventy years old and by no means muscular but not a total weakling either.

I was told that I could remove the handle by removing center screw , turn the stem , replace handle and valve would take less force to seal. My very first experience with HPA so I am seeking advise / conformation.